Cherry Stars


  •  This is just to say that since my son Solomon joined Cherry Stars at the age of 4 his confidence and self belief has completely developed and grown. Everyone that meets Solomon always comments on his confidence and his belief that he can do anything that he puts his mind to. As parents we want this for all of our children, but I have to acknowledge that without Cherry Stars, Solomon could have been a very different child and perhaps would not have achieved what he has done so far at the tender age of 8. For example Solomon had to take a test for 3 schools (selection for elite school places) that not only tested his academic ability but also his ability to present information. Solomon was offered places for the three schools and they all commented on his ability and also his personality which Cherry stars has helped to nurture and develop hand in hand with us as his parents. Also Solomon has done 4 school plays since he has been at his school and has been selected for the leading roles. Moreover Cherry Stars has given Solomon the ability and the platform not only to perform per say, but also to do other activities and excel in them which he has done in gymnastics and swimming. Again thank you Cherry Stars for being such a big part of my son’s life.-Suzanne mum of Solomon (aged 8)
  •  My two daughters aged 6 and 4 have both been attending Cherry Stars since they were old enough to join and they love it. Not only do they have a lot of fun with the other kids but it has been invaluable in building their confidence and they love re-enacting what they've learnt at home. Both of them have developed a love of theatre, which is encouraging amongst a generation engrossed with technology. I would highly recommend that any child join Cherry Stars as a means to develop their confidence skills and to form an appreciation of the performing arts. We will definitely be continuing and I have to thank Sharon, Theo, Rebecca and the rest of the team for providing them with a love of theatre and dance.-Caroline Londono, mum to Gabriela Londono (aged 6) and Liliana Londono (aged 4)
  •  My 7 year old son has been going to Cherrystars for a year now and it has done wonders for his confidence. I was so proud to see him perform for the first time at the end of term show. The teachers are all so lively and talented and know how to bring out the potential in the kids. He is always buzzing with excitement when I pick him up after Cherrystars and can't wait for Saturday to come around again.-Ben Pawley, dad to Harry (aged 7)
  •  Mylo started at cherrystars about two year ago and still gets excited every week. When we go there everyone involved in the running and organisation of the classes are very professional but at the same time they are like family! Its lovely to go each week and see the kids learning new things and having so much fun, it really builds their confidence. I would recommend Cherrystars to everyone.-Lisa mum of Mylo (aged 6)
  •  I was really worried as my son didn't seem to be making friends at school. After joining Cherry Stars his confidence and focus has improved immensely and he is now thriving at school thanks to the Cherrystars team. He looks forward to it every week.-Abi Hubbert mum of Sonny (aged 5)